Custom Embroidery Denver | Designed Embroidery Denver
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Our skilled team will transfer your logo or design onto any garment of your choice. Need help deciding on a logo or design? Not a problem. Our experts at Stitch Artist will assist you every step of the way, we have a team of highly skilled embroiderers who can help you with your custom embroidery in Denver.


Our Melco EMT 16 Plus embroidery system offers high-speed embroidery up to 1500 stitches per minute! Embroider one-offs, or large orders. Hats, jackets, shirts, beanies, tote bags, dog collars and leashes, this system can embroider just about anything!


Do you have a small order? NO PROBLEM! Our team and equipment can handle any order of any size without sacrificing quality.
Call our team to get your custom logos and designs stitched immediately!
Pricing is subject to thread count and desired garment.


Call us NOW for a free quote!