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Direct to Garment Printing Steps

Direct to Garment Printing Steps

If you’re in the market for custom apparel, you should know more about direct to garment printing. This newer printing technology delivers many benefits including an unlimited range of colors, detailed design reproduction, affordability, and the option for cost-effective small batches of apparel. It’s a smarter way for small businesses to get into the custom apparel game by testing the waters with smaller quantities and not breaking the bank. 

Find a direct to garment printing company

The first step in getting your custom apparel project started is to find a direct to garment printing company near you. Check online and ask around if you have friends of family that have handled an apparel project in the past. A lot of apparel makers have this capability because on their end it’s more efficient and requires less equipment and personnel than screen printing.   

Ready your design files and send them over

Once you identify a printing shop, you’ll need to gather a few things. The shop may or may not also provide the garments. If they do, easy. If they don’t, order them and have them on hand. Work with a graphic design program to create the design files for the clothing. Make sure the colors are where you want them to be, and send a file of the design to the printer. They will deconstruct this file to create your printed apparel, and they will be able to match the colors almost exactly.   

Direct to garment printing of shirts

Once the file is prepared, the printing can start. The process is usually pretty quick, and depending on the volume of clothing, your apparel could be printed with a quick turnaround. You should keep in mind that many printers suggest that you provide a few extra items of clothing for any unavoidable mess ups that might occur in the printing process. You should also know that the cost of this method is tied to volume. The higher the number of pieces per design, the lower the per-piece cost for printing.   

Inspection and quality control

Once all of your items are printed, the print shop will inspect them for quality control. If everything looks good, they’ll call you and let you know the order is done. From there, it’s just up to you to pick up the items and then unveil your designs to the world.

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